IFS Inspired Relationship Coaching is based on Internal Family System Therapy, an evidence based clinically proven therapy, which helps your relationship experience a fundamental shift - from fear to love, from mis-alignment and missing each other - to evolutional connections which are life-giving.

With a 99.7% success rate over 3 years, Relationship Coaching can help you create the relationship you desire. You can learn...

From Arguments:
* How to self-soothe your own anxieties, connect to the best in yourself, hold your shape, and connect to your partner.

From "I'm not getting anything from you" - To making your love land:
* This means being able to understand you and your partner's processing styles - and discover and use the keys to making the love you have for each other land, and learn how to make each other feel truly loved, growing as individuals and together as you do so.

From We Are Incompatible - To appreciating each other's uniqueness:
*Learn how to speak for all of your parts, which helps you act with authenticity and respect, increasing your sense of playfulness, greater objectivity and above all generosity. You will speak with more eloquent appreciation for yourselves and each other, expanding your access to the landscapes of each other's hearts. You will have a huge amount of access to your inner Selves and live with continually new and exciting self-discoveries, which makes true relationships a delight.

From wondering where you are going together - To working as a great team:
* Become allies, friends, and resources for your life and relationship together.

Relationship Coaching will empower you to create and maintain changes, and build upon your successes, in this personally tailored step by step program which taps into your greatest resources, releases hurts, transforms limitations to capacities, builds your vision, and accompanies you with the true strength of compassion, curiosity and inquiring love.

Contact John on 0800 024 86 47 or 0785 4455 286

Passionate Marriage

Giving you a way to get from where you are to where you want to be.

About John

John is the UK's leading Confidential Celebrity and Executive Relationship Coach, helping individuals and couples create lasting inspirational relationships. He enjoys working with high performing people who are already committed to being the best in their field and want the same deep excellence within their relationships too.

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  • Profound, inspirational, informative, creative... THANK YOU John. So so so much appreciation for your skills and contribution and presence.
  • You have been an incredible help in an extremely difficult time in our relationship. All of the positive thoughts and energy you have given us have truly changed our relationship for the better.
  • We have also been thinking of you and how much we appreciate everything you have done for us. We cannot imagine that there could have been anyone better to help us through what has been a very difficult time and especially for us to end up feeling even better about each other than we did before.  You are quite exceptional.