About John Donlon – The Relationship Expert

John has worked and works with Billionaires, Saudi Royalty, Television Presenters, News Reporters, National Athletes, CEO's in some of the most successful UK companies, Music Producers of the most successful musicians both sides of the Atlantic, Partners in the worlds top companies, and is the coach of some of the UK's most successful Coaches, Entrepreneurs, Celebrities, Celebrity Couples, and High Performers.

In 1998 when John went through a painful break up he decided to use the experience to learn everything he could about creating the best relationships possible, to help other people who were on the verge of breaking up avoid that pain if possible and make their lives and relationships not just better but attain new heights of personal development, integration, communication, and happiness.

John has created a cutting edge therapy which combines state of the art marriage and sex therapy, parts therapy and relationship coaching, in an expert and skilled way which exists no where else, borne out of his own experience and care for others.

John works with individuals and couples on the verge of splitting up or questioning their relationship, in a way which looks to each person's self-development, creating a bridge between the each person, and modelling excellence in living in relationships, family, and work.

Deeply committed to his own personal excellence, John works with some of the world’s foremost coaches, psychologists, therapists, and specialists in the world. John works with warmth, intelligence, and humour, and loves his work.


Evoking the changes you want to see in the world....

When people connect to the best in themselves, self-soothe their anxieties, keep their shape in assertive kindness, and connect to people who are very different than them, they are more than having a conversation - they are being and evoking the changes they desire to see in the world.

When people do this for themselves, in their most intimate relationship with their partner, with their children, their friends, and in their business life, changes emanate out of Self-Energy (the energy of your Core, who you truly are) with warmth, wisdom, skill and understanding - even in the face of grave challenges, abandonment, and the severest conflict, with the potential to restore people to real, authentic, constructive relationships.

Your unique universal personal transformation spreads to the world...

Learning to do these things is a life-process. And this is how the shared co-creation of this work With clients and friends, other therapists, entrepreneurs, business leaders, athletes, politicians, celebrities, celebrity couples, manifests through resolution of conflict, and learning self-validating intimacy while connecting to people who are uniquely different, to create positive, lasting, joy-giving relationships.

John has a high quality approach to supporting individuals to fulfil their potential and couples intensively to redesign and rebuild what they may believe are completely broken relationships, into loving partnerships for life.

John works with only a small number of couples at any one time due to the intensity of his work.
John Donlon – The Relationship Expert
John Donlon – Relationship Coach
John Donlon – Relationship Expert
John Donlon – Relationship Expert