Relationship Rescue Coaching Package

Result Oriented, For Couples Whose Marriages Are In Trouble

Go from a marriage or relationship on the rocks, to regaining that loving feeling...


Evoking the changes you want to see in the world....

When people connect to the best in themselves, self-soothe their anxieties, keep their shape in assertive kindness, and connect to people who are very different than them, they are more than having a conversation - they are being and evoking the changes they desire to see in the world.

When people do this for themselves, in their most intimate relationship with their partner, with their children, their friends, and in the business life, changes emanate out of Self-Energy (the energy of your Core, who you truly are) with warmth, wisdom, skill and understanding - even in the face of grave challenges, abandonment, and the severest conflict, with the potential to restore people to real, authentic, constructive relationships.

Your unique universal personal transformation spreads to the world...

Learning to do these things is a life-process. And this is how the shared co-creation of this work With clients and friends, other therapists, entrepreneurs, business leaders, athletes, politicians, celebrities, celebrity couples, manifests through resolution of conflict, and learning self-validating intimacy while connecting to people who are uniquely different.

High Grade Support

John has a high quality approach to supporting individuals to fulfil their potential and evolve their relationship into loving partnerships for life.

John works with only a small number of couples at any one time due to the intensity of his work, and the demands of his high performing clients.

Call John Today on 0800 024 8647 or 0785 4455 286.

John Donlon – The Relationship Expert
John Donlon – Relationship Coach
John Donlon – Relationship Expert
John Donlon – Relationship Expert