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Are you ready to face your issues constructively?

When couples face crisis in their relationship there is two ways to go. One is to leave the relationship. The other is to grow.

Are you open to learning what works?

If you are open to learning what works, your mindset is the key. People with a fixed mindset have no resources to face challenges. They leave the relationship, blame the other person or circumstances, and avoid challenge.

People with a growth mindset see the situation as an opportunity to grow. This is more than "putting things right." Learning a growth mindset is about coming into a whole new alignment which will benefit you, your life, your partner, and everyone around you.

"Why just fix a problem, when you can change your life?" John Donlon, on when Couples come for help in therapy.

Are you feeling hurt, confused and angry? Do you long for your your needs to be fulfilled?

Couples often come feeling confused, hurt, desperate, and with a long list of things that may be wrong, and with a list of needs they want fulfilled. Trying to get this from their partner has often caused friction, misunderstanding, arguments, and conflicts.

Sometimes these arguments and issues have gone around in circles for months or years. And often people are frightened of dealing with them, or even speaking about them, because they fear if they do, it may mean the end of their relationship.

This is understandable. It is also the thinking of a fixed mindset, to avoid challenges, and remain unresourced by shying away from the issue and not getting professional expert guidance. This is fear-based thinking. And living in fear keeps people small, living small lives, and limits their potential and the potential of their relationship.

After months or years of living in fear and shying away from the problems, having islands of happiness on a merry-go-round relationship, unless these deeper issues are sorted, people often come to the end of their tether, feeling highly frustrated, and come to a point of pain, where they want to deal with their situation and at last resolve long standing issues.

What is the truth about Relationship Coaching?

People are often afraid addressing the issues might mean losing their partner. But the truth is our expert help and guidance helps you to move forwards and come into deeper alignment with each other, walking with you every step of the way, supporting you to create a more harmonious relationship.

Changing your mindset?

It is much easier for someone to change their mindset than it is to change their "personality." The remarkable thing is, once people learn the difference between fixed and growth mindsets, and are equipped with new skills to explore their issues and evolve as individuals and as as a couple, they transition from being and feeling stuck in a fixed mindset to opening out their lives and relationship, growing exponentially for their rest of their lives.

Acquiring new skills and being empowered with a whole new understanding of how they can grow as individuals and work together as a powerful team, the quality of couples’ lives begin to change.

Couple Counselling or Relationship Coaching?

If you want to be listened to, the best thing may to go to a couples counsellor. They will give you the opportunity to voice anything you want together. This is generally a much more passive approach and may or may not offer guidance. This may help some couples.

Our Approach

Our approach is much more proactive, detailed and attentive. I specialize in helping people change mindsets, giving them the keys, the skills and understanding to create a continually evolving life, and a continually growing relationship.

If you want your life to be better, including focusing on your relationship, I offer you the chance to grow as individuals and as a couple, working together as a team, to expand your life together.

When it's time to talk, I give you the space, the skills, and understanding to open out your relationship and fly. I don't only help you heal your situation, I help you open out your life and thrive!

If this specialist approach is what you have been waiting for to take your life and relationship to a new level, call and speak with John today.
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