Couples In Crisis

Is your relationship falling apart? Perhaps you discovered your partner had an affair? Or you have fallen out of love and not sure what to do next? Maybe communication has broken down and you feel this is your last chance to save your relationship?

Is Your Relationship In Crisis?

If you or your partner are suffering and you truly want to save your relationship, you can discover what is possible by learning new skills and experiencing the issues you are facing with a far more dynamic understanding, which evokes much clearer communication, makes possible the resolution of issues you are dealing with, and gives you the tools to work as a team together.

Some of the issues these sessions can solve:

  • Lack of Sexual Relationship

  • Loss of Connection

  • Misreading and Misunderstanding Each Other

  • Trust Issues

  • Not Living Up To Your Sexual Potential

  • Loss of Desire and Attraction

  • Lack of Forgiveness and Being Burdened By Your Past

  • Periodic Explosions of Anger And Frustration

  • Feeling Like You And/Or Your Partner Have Many Different Polarised Parts

  • Your Children Are Suffering Because of Your Conflicts


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A Couples Session

Whilst many couples begin by feeling lost and a little confused, a Couples Session provides you with space and immediate support to work through the crisis and address relationship issues in a calm and creative way. This means couples can find a way forwards, creating mutual goals and a new direction. When this happens most couples feel a sense of hope and relief.

Adopting a Growth Mindset and tapping into your Self-Energy, from the very first session you will learn and implement new skills and resources which will empower you to communicate in a much more constructive way.

In a timely way, you will also be invited to magnify and build upon the good parts of your relationship which already exist, and may be dormant or hidden, but which have the potential to make you feel alive together.

Each session is an hour and a half, giving you the opportunity to deeply process and consolidate the steps you are taking experientially. Many couples feel they reall meet each other in a touching, real, heartfelt way - and these sessions sometimes literally turn relationships around from years or months of long suffering to finding a way forwards which is hopeful and real, many couples say for the first time ever.

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  • Heal

    You will discover how to heal from relationship issues, affairs, pain and anger and how to take the first step to move forward together.

  • Loving Kindness

    You will discover how to create loving-kindness towards each other in your attitudes, tone of voice, bigger picture values that are really important, and actions.

  • Reconnect

    You will discover how to take the first steps towards reconnecting together with love on an emotional and physical level.

  • Communication

    You will learn powerful communication skills. To speak with honestly and respect and to really listen, to find a meeting place and move forwards together as a powerful partnership.

John Donlon – Relationship Expert