Couples Retreats and Intensive Relationships Days

Just imagine. The power of placing your energy and focus on your relationship either through a intensive Relationship Day or a Couples Retreat.

Sometimes couples need the space and time just to get away from the routine of life and dedicate their energy to their relationship.

Couples Retreats and workshops for couples who are facing relationship issues or simply want to deepen their intimacy.

Retreats take place in a beautiful part of the UK in Somerset – wide open fields, beautiful wild flowers, and beautiful sunsets and find this is the perfect setting to get away from life and focus on yourself and your relationship together. The natural beauty of Somerset is an ideal place for reflection, movement and transformation.

Couples Retreat Program

Each couples retreat is different and is focused on your needs and requirements. From intense couple counselling and coaching sessions, to mindfulness meditations, to walks in the countryside or simply sitting in a beautiful garden.

Depending upon your preference, the Couples Retreat Program starts on a Friday afternoon or Saturday morning,and finishes late Sunday afternoon, and is personally designed to meet you both where you are and in your relationship, and take you to where you want to be.

On Your Retreat You Can:
* Heal and move forwards from affairs (as well as understanding why the affair happened so it is not repeated).
* Understand your own needs in the relationship and how to support your partners' needs.
* Deepen Intimacy and Sex Life.
* Learn Advanced Communication Skills to talk your truth with honesty and respect, and also learn how to really to listen to your partner.
*Understand the differences between men and women and appreciate each other strengths.
* Learn how to work together as a team towards a shared vision and goal.
* Understand the rules of successful relationships and how to implement this into your relationship.
* Depending upon your requirements, a combination of couple counselling, relationship coaching, life coaching, one on one individual therapy, hypnotherapy, sex and marriage therapy.

The Heart of Relationships is suitable for couples who have lost their way, who are in pain from affairs, no sex life nor intimacy, constantly arguing, and wanting to improve their relationship and sex life.

The Couples retreat is an intensive, focused transformational retreat. Couples find it a deeply moving and healing experience which enables them to create profound changes in their relationship.

About John

Being in a loving and committed relationship I am passionate about life, relationships and working with couples and helping relationships to heal and move from strength to strength. The couples I work with make fundamental and profound changes in their life and relationship together.


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  • Heal

    You will discover how to heal from relationship issues, affairs, pain and anger and how to take the first step to move forward together.

  • Loving Kindness

    You will discover how to create loving-kindness towards each other in your attitudes, tone of voice, bigger picture values that are really important, and actions.

  • Reconnect

    You will discover how to take the first steps towards reconnecting together with love on an emotional and physical level.

  • Communication

    You will learn powerful communication skills. To speak with honestly and respect and to really listen, to find a meeting place and move forwards together as a powerful partnership.