If You Want To Save Your Family, You Need To Put Your Relationship First

The number one reason couples come to me is because they are on the verge of divorce. The number one reason they are on the edge of divorce is because they have put their children, their parents, and/or extended family, before their relationship.

This creates a block between the couple which means they don't get their core needs met from each other.

Wanting to save your relationship for the sake of the children may sound laudable, but putting the children first is what created this dysfunctional family dynamic, and is the very reason couples relationships come into jeopardy - and the family is falling apart, causing pain to the children.

The Family Program works because it Creates A Model Of Love where the children see two adults working and growing together as a loving team, with the dynamics of two soul-mates. This equips your children with the knowledge to eventually find a partner of their own, and create a healthy family dynamic for their children.

For this reason we will focus on healing your relationship and working with core relationship dynamics which help you grow as individuals and evolve as a couple together.

The skills and understanding you will gain with be passed on to your children so that they will experience first hand your relationship between you as a couple and how you engage with them as unique individuals.

Families who go through this process grow and evolve in a way where everyone in the family is seen and valued, and the dynamics of the family fall into place often for the first time.

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  • Heal

    You will discover how to heal from relationship issues, affairs, pain and anger and how to take the first step to move forward together.

  • Loving Kindness

    You will discover how to create loving-kindness towards each other in your attitudes, tone of voice, bigger picture values that are really important, and actions.

  • Reconnect

    You will discover how to take the first steps towards reconnecting together with love on an emotional and physical level.

  • Communication

    You will learn powerful communication skills. To speak with honestly and respect and to really listen, to find a meeting place and move forwards together as a powerful partnership.

John Donlon – Relationship Expert