GDPR – Your Consent And Data Protected

The GDPR Consent and Data Agreement for Individual, Couple, And Family Therapy And Coaching

By filling in a contact form on this website you agree to the following

To comply with GDPR legislation:

In case of Couples: both parties must read, understand and agree to the statements below.

In case of Families, Parents or Guardians of Children under 16 in the UK and Children under 12 in Scotland, must jointly and tick for themselves and their children the agreement box for the statements below.

Please note: In the UK children over 16 years of age must read, understand, and if they agree, consent on their own behalf with the statements below. In Scotland Children over 12 must be guided by their parents/guardians to read, understand, and consent if they agree on their own behalf with the statements below.

I/we consent to my/our data being stored for the purposes of contact, telephone and email support, and therapy.

I/we understand that my/our data will be held in the strictest confidence and will never be shared with any third parties.

I/we also understand that upon completion of our work together all data will kept for a limited time (3 months) and then be destroyed by shredding in the case of paper notes and deleted in the case of computer notes.

I understand I may contact the owner for any further information required about how my personal data is stored, processed, and destroyed after therapy.

I/we understand that I/we can request my/our email address, contact number(s), data, paper and securely stored computer notes and all personal data is deleted at any time.

By completing a contact form I/we confirm I/we have read and understand the terms and conditions and that I/we as an individual, couple, and/or family, are opting into receiving ongoing telephone and email contact for the benefit and maintenance of successful personal and mutual telephone, email, and face to face individual, couples, and/or family therapy.