Passionate Marriage Program

The Reason You Are Here?

It is likely your are reading this for a purpose. To stop or resolve arguments. To make your relationship stronger. To get over an affair. Because your relationship is close to breaking point. Because your sex life is limited or non-existent. Because money issues keep coming up. Because your partner says they are not attracted to you. Because you feel unseen or frustrated. Because the love in your relationship is more one-sided. Because your partner is withholding from you.

All or some of these might push your relationship into crisis. The risk of losing our relationship, or of our relationship staying the same, can cause people to come into therapy.

The Reason You Are Really Here Might Be Different Than You Think

I have specialized in dealing with every one of the issues above for over 28 years, and resolving them is part of this process. And with your commitment there is a very high chance you will succeed in resolving your presenting issues, even if these include being on the verge of divorce, or one or both of you being unhappy and questioning if can find ways to stay and grow together.

The truth is the best way to resolve your issues is to create a better, more connected, more fulfilling, and thriving relationship than ever before.

I work in a deep way which makes it possible for you to learn the skills to resolve your issues and deeply evolve as a couple in the process.

Imaging creating a shift in your relationship which can transform your life together to make it much more satisfying, happy, sexually and emotionally fulfilling, playful and meaningful for both of you?

That is what I specialize in doing.

Taking You Out Of Conflict And Making Your Relationship Better Than Ever Before

This Passionate Marriage Program gives you the skills to create a bridge across your differences and join together in the healthiest ways imaginable, learning advance communication skills, conscious relationship dynamics, and discovering and understanding the processes of how you can learn and grow and create happiness, in your relationship and in your personal life.

This multidimensional approach releases your amazing potential giving you new skills, coaching, and understanding.

The Passionate Marriage Program will take you on a journey, where you will –

  • Transform Crisis Into Learning.

  • Give You Hope And Clarity.

  • Nurture And Inspire Your Relationship.

  • Give you both the skills to engage with your spouse authentically. (Learning Communication Skills which relate to your spouse’s way of processing in their world makes your communication land much more powerfully - strengthening your connection and relationship.)

  • Realise your sexual potential.

  • Creates Intimacy and Desire.

  • Creates an Evolutional way of being for your life together.

  • A Revolutionary Approach

    From the first session you will begin seeing things in a new light, and experience taking steps to creating the most successful intimate relationship you have ever had.

    There are 3, 6, 9 and 12 Monthly Programs available, and three exclusive Unlimited 12 Month Couple Coaching Programs. Sessions are a minimum of one and a half hours, and each session is intended to be a step forwards towards you and your partner's happiness, well-being and fulfilment. Movement tends to happen every single session on the Program whether couples are on the edge of divorce, or your relationship is doing okay but you want to release your relationship potential.


    403 Couples have gone through the Passionate Marriage Program so far. Out of those 399 couples have achieved a better relationship than they ever had before. That makes a success rate of 99%. This does not guarantee the program will work for you nor that I will be able to help, but there is an overwhelming probability, pending a mutual assessment, if we agree to work together you will save your relationship and far exceed your own expectations.

    "We cannot imagine that there would have been anyone better to help us through what has been a very difficult time and especially for us to end up feeling better about each other than we did before. You are quite exceptional." Paul and Loranne, London.

    "You have been an incredible help in an extremely difficult time in our relationship. All of the positive thoughts and energy you have given us have truly changed our relationship for the better." David and Jess, London.

    "Profound, inspirational, informative, creative...THANK YOU John. So so so much appreciation for your skills, contribution, and presence." Debs and Phil, Winchester.

    If you are ready to gain clarity, understand your issues, and release your relationship potential, call on 0785 4455 286.
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The Passionate Marriage Program Program Empowers

John Donlon – The Relationship Expert
John Donlon – Relationship Expert
John Donlon – Relationship Expert