Building An Exceptional Relationship

Creating Love and Connection in a Time-Starved World

Having a successful career often impacts a family and marriage. The wife may feel unsupported and alone, although very well provided for. Some wives describe this as living in a gilded cage. Having fallen in love to start with, over time she may wonder what has happened to their relationship. And for the husband the growing emotional distance from his wife can weaken the relationship making him vulnerable to outside temptations.

The husband is often successful, ambitious, driven and respected at work. He invests time and energy into his working life. At home he can feel like an outsider because he is only really present at weekends.

Families often become polarized, with the mother forming an allegiance with the children. The tragedy is this creates a subtle but pervading and tension in the home - as the couple function like two single parents who sometimes consult with one another, rather being together as lovers, sharing partnership, and working together as a strong team. 

I make it easy to improve your relationship

I have helped hundreds of executives, CEO's and entrepreneurs who have come with such issues grow in understanding of themselves, their partner, and family dynamics, to create lasting love.


John Donlon

John is The Relationship Coach top executives, CEO's, leading entrepreneurs, and business leaders in the UK, Europe, America, Australia, India and over the world, are seeking out exclusively to save a relationship in danger of separation, and create an evolutional passionate loving marriage in the Creating Love Program.

Through this program you will learn new skills and profoundly come together as human beings, to create a stronger, more passionate, playful and mature relationship that makes you feel more aware, alive, compassionate, and confident about yourselves and your future than ever before.

Here are just some of the issues we help with:

  • Work/Life Balance

  • Reigniting attraction and passion

  • Healing from affairs to create deeper trust and connection

  • Creating a Vision for your lives which brings you closer together

  • Learning a growth mindset which sees mistakes and challenges as an opportunity to learn new skills, evolve new resources and grow in strength as a person and as a team

  • Modelling excellent communication which expands you as individuals, as a couple, and creates a real, loving family

  • Learning the power of Celebrating Effort as well as Achievement

  • Create the passionate sex life you desire

  • Individual and Relationship Re-patterning: To change patterns, unleash pent up energy, create new spark, and bring out the very best in each other

This Program is a step by step process which inspires Love, Connection, and Growth

Working with executives, CEO's and entrepreneurs I understand how an extremely busy work schedule can impact your relationship. Over time you may lose the feelings of passion and connection. Some couples may go around in circles trying to fix things without success.

For some couples this creates frustration, arguments which never seem to get deeply resolved. For others this can create a pattern in your lives where everything is okay, but could be so much better. There may be only a little fun, little sexual connection, and a feeling of caring or friendship without the spark which brought you together and makes you feel alive.

I specialize in working with couples whose relationship is threatened. I help you communicate, get to the core of your issues, and begin to rekindle that spark and feeling of connection again!

I teach you advance relationship dynamics and give you the tools, understanding and skills so you can maintain it, grow together, and make your relationship thrive!

In the past three weeks alone I have helped 3 couples whose marriages were threatened discover a solid foundation upon which to save and build their relationship. They have moved from crisis, thinking of divorce, and arguments, to discovering their love and connection for each other, when before they saw little hope. Each couple has made powerful shifts to move from jeopardy to keeping their relationship safe and alive.

The steps in this program teach you to create a world together

All couples long to feel love and connection which comes from sharing their world with each other.

Our unique program developed over 18 years is designed to give you a way to meet and really connect.

Using state of the art communication skills, dialogue, and human needs psychology, strategic intervention, male-female dynamics, sex and family therapy, this process has been created to enable exceptional couples to create a world together and sustain a strong bond together in a life which is rewarding and thriving.

This programs helps couples to create a core connection and natural flow with each other in a powerful male-female union, which extends to family, friends, and in their work and social life.

This Program will quickly resolve the Core of your issues

I take you through a step by step experiential process where you will listen to each other, hear where you both are now, and discover the changes you need to make to create the relationship you both want, and learn how to make them together.

In our friendly consulting rooms you will both change in ways which expand your self, your relationship, and your lives.

You will find and fulfill your highest needs, walk and be guided, inspired, and energized in your own step by step journey to creating the relationship you deeply desire.

Using Individual And Couples Therapy and Coaching together, mindfulness and unique core processes created by John Donlon, this Program gives you the ability to create a strong bond between you a very different partner, and expand your life beautifully together.

And as part of this coaching process you will be encouraged in actioning small focused positive steps, creating huge shifts and results with each other on a day to day basis.

And when you are connected with your core in a bridge with your partner, every positive step is a celebration of heart mind and body. This is about being alive.

This Program is Different From Any Other Couples Therapy You Will Encounter: Every Session is a Step Forward

I work with a goal which our clients fulfill each and every session. I work not to time but to your fulfillment. So our sessions are full immersion sessions which usually are agreed in advance to last at least one and a half to two and a half hours. I take time for you. And if you are in crisis an intensive session which walks you through your issues and out the other side feeling far more empowered can, by mutual agreement, take three hours or more.

However in every single session, this process allows you to do work which would otherwise take weeks or months with other therapies.

In fact one couple who had been in therapy for seven years stated that gained a deeper understanding of their problems, learned more, and made far more progress in just three hours, than they had in the past seven years with five other therapists!

This particular couple went on to turn conflict into exploration, curiosity and learning. They learnt to grow out of their differences, deepen their love considerably from an unlimited source, become really present, feel more alive, and create a fertile ground for their relationship, which they tell me is still growing and evolving beautifully today, some five years later.

Our Sessions

What couples do in our session is learn, tap into their passion, become inspired in the art of creating love.

These sessions are life-changing, deep, insightful, and fun. You will use your playfulness, creativity and imagination. You will re-align with your core, with your partner, and create a truly blessed relationship.

As Couples re-align they experience coming into a flow state, where they action fun, enjoyment and purpose in their lives. This is an experience of learning to love and be loved.

Our exercises are powerful and many couples choose to use them as a daily practice.

This includes:

  • Learning Advanced Empathy

  • Learning Advanced Listening Skills

  • Learning High Grade Questions which will change the quality of your life and relationship

  • Communication re-patterning: changing the focus and intention of disagreements to win-win scenarios

  • Learning Direct Communication

  • Learning how employing the Big Picture of Relationship Dynamics Enables you Come Together, Working Together as a Team in things day to day and for the future

  • Learn to cherish regularly creating fun, being spontaneous, giving you the experience of freedom and feeling alive with each other!

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