Celebrity Couple Coaching and Counselling

Celebrity Couples face unique challenges in their most intimate relationship, their career challenges, handling the media, creating the best life they can for themselves, and contributing to the world in high functioning ways which magnify their career, personal development, relationship as a couple, and meaningful success.

The truth is with the skills the Celebrity Couple Coaching, a couple can come out of crisis, and their relationship can evolve into a richer, deeper, more meaningful relationship, where the love and care many couples obviously have for each other can at last land with each other, and from inside out, they can become a real model of love in their personal life, and show this authentically in the public eye.

When your love lands with a partner they can experience richly giving and receiving love, instead of the misdirected ways we try to love or get love, which inadvertently produce arguments, misunderstandings, frustration, and longing for something to be better, without knowing how, or believing if only we keep doing the same things, it will get better.

The Celebrity Couple Coaching and Counselling Program teaches you the skills to listen to your partner, to express yourself, to meet each others needs, and use your issues and challenges in constructive ways, which not only bring you closer together, but which helps you to grow together, in beautiful ways.

This literally helps you manifest your dreams, in ways which open out your lives to beyond what you may even have imagined them to be.

No Couple who says they've tried everything has tried this program

Many couples say they've tried everything. And that is mostly true. The one thing I can guarantee that they haven't tried is taking this program. That is because not one celebrity couple who has undertaken it has broken up. And in fact every celebrity couple who has taken this progam has made their relationship more positive, constructive and amazingly loving behind the scenes, and more real and truly loving in front of the cameras.

This is because they are living with a different foundation.

As one of my celebrity clients says, "What you teach is not only the skills, its a way of being."

In other words he has so embodied and made these skills, his personal growth, and the total transformation of his understanding of relationship dynamics something which he feels and lives on his own pulse, his inner and outer life have changed and have become a positive, committed, generous, evolving, playful, meaningful and deep loving relationship with himself and with his partner. This relationship and connection, is most people's dream. It's living in the world, where there is authentic love.

And many celebrities, entrepreneurs, business leaders, music stars have the dream. They really have. But without coming into contact with the tools the Celebrity Couples Coaching and Counselling Program teaches, they are not living the dream. Not to anything like their full potential.

"Celebrity Crisis is an opportunity to learn everything you need to know to thrive in your relationship."

John Donlon

This Program is for enlightened courageous couples

If you are in a place where you would like to take the bull by the horns and act with enlightened courage to save your relationship, and discover what is possible, even if you have been silently suffering for years, or been in relationship after relationship of heart-break and looking for new love time and time again, this could be the Opportunity, this could be your time, to evolve and grow, and to reach what the rare elite of few other couples who are celebrities have done and are doing in secret, and coming out to the world, in creating a truly loving and evolving relationship, on a foundation stronger than you have ever experienced before.

Stronger because it is rooted in becoming yourself, and loving your partner in the same way, with a bridge connecting you which takes in excellent communication skills, your own personal and relationship evolution, in a process which is in itself a path forwards, to being in this moment and growing, which manifests happiness and re-frames issues with power and with a constructive spirit, which helps you use all of life including its challenges to manifest more of yourself and your love, in your life and especially in your relationship with your most intimate partner.

That is what your relationship crisis when approached through the Celebrity Coaching and Couple Counselling Program can lead to.

This is the greatest gift you can give to yourself, your partner, your children, your family, friends, and the world.

Making Changes Illicits Changes

And when you go through the process of this program for your self and your partner and make these changes it illicits changes all around you in others. You begin to really be the change and evoke the changes you want to see in the world, as individuals and as an authentically loving couple.

The tragedy is most Celebrity Couples don't do this because they don't survive and evolve through relationship crisis. They miss the opportunity.

Creating A Model of Love: Using Crisis as an Opportunity

Your personal and joint evolution through the Program produces insights and dynamic shifts in the way you see and experience yourself, your partner, and your relationship. The very process lights up your being with your own realisations, wisdom, and insights, which you feel and experience and live on your own pulse. Not only your relationship but Couples change their relationship with their children, their families, their friends, and their evolve their creativity in their music, their performances, their businesses, and their particular concerns for emotional, spiritual and psychological, environmental and well-being projects.

When you have two people doing this, you have a quite, powerful force of two loving beings really meeting in the world and using the same skills this in a genuine and universal way towards others.

Using Your Gifts (Resource States) to Create Personal Integration and Mutual Love

You are not creative by accident. It's very likely if you're living a celebrity life style you have created it from your talents, which goes far beyond appearances and is part of your being. This means you have fantastic resource states. Connecting these states with more vulnerable, protective, and wounded parts can bring about profound healing, which can make you more whole. We need to be whole to be in relationship. And the process of two people doing this in their own way in a complementary style is personal growth through the evolution of mutual love.

To talk confidentially about the issues are facing and what you would like to achieve, call on 0785 4455 286, and hear about the Celebrity Couple Coaching and Counselling Program and what it can do for you.