Terms & Conditions

Individual Sessions

Payment should be paid in advance at least 24 hours before each individual session. By mutual agreement an exception may be made, and payment may be made either on the day or at latest 48 hours after each individual session. 

If for any reason I am not able to keep an appointment a full refund or alternative appointment will be made available.

If for any reason the client misses a scheduled appointment without prior notice at least 24 hours notice before a scheduled session, the full fee for the session is due. 

If a client needs to change a booked appointment within 24 hours, the full fee for that session will be due. If at all possible you may be offered another appointment on the same day. However this is not guaranteed, and it is the client's responsibility to commit to keeping scheduled appointments and times. 

If the client gives notice of being unable to keep a scheduled appointment at least 48 hours before that appointment, there is no charge and any payment made will be refunded in full. 

In case of genuine emergencies your well-being is paramount and there will be no charge for a scheduled individual session.

In the very rare incidences should a scheduled individual appointment be missed more than twice within a month, the full fee for any subsequent booked sessions will be payable 24 hours in advance, without refund. This is in order to establish the clients'  commitment to the process, and for the time allocated and committed exclusively to them by the therapist.

No obligation is undertaken by the client nor required, after the initial assessment, to begin therapy. For this reason, if during the assessment it is mutually agreed you would benefit from being referred to another therapist or different organisation, I will absolutely endeavour to refer you to someone suitable or to an appropriate organisation to help you achieve your goals.

3, 6, 12 Exclusive Month Coaching Programs

3 Month, 6 Month, and 12 Month Exclusives Coaching Contracts. These are exclusive contracts devoting time to you which are aimed at achieving results. It is unlocking the potential within you and your life where the value lies in working with me and this can not be measured primarily in time spent with each other.

A 10 minute conversation once a month at a crucial time in your life or at a crisis point in your relationship, or before or even during a crucial business meeting, may and have produce results which can dramatic and have had effects where relationships have turned around, or changing your position and understanding a colleague in the business deal has clinched the deal and made it move forward.

At other times we may spend much longer either face to face, on the phone, or by Skype, helping you achieve the result you want to achieve.

My commitment to you is to do whatever it takes to release the potential in you and in your life to achieve your goals.

Therefore it is in the endeavour of achieving your goals rather than specific hourly/weekly schedules these Programs operate.

Once we agree what you wish to achieve and the duration of our Coaching Agreement, we will mutually agree the nature and level of our contact. This may be on a contact as you need basis, regular weekly sessions, or a combination of both.

Payment is due in full before we commence, and although I have very high success rates, no outcome is guaranteed. Once I commit to you I will make myself available to you according to the agreement we have reached, and may provide additional services without extra cost to you, such as additional individual sessions, couple counselling, family therapy, email support, text support, retreats, specialized therapy – such as parts therapy, internal family systems therapy, additional materials, books, and personalized mediations and exercises.

Our contract will last for the agreed period. There is no obligation for you to take up the commitment and time offered to you during this process but doing so on a regular basis will enhance your progress and achievement of your step by step and overall progress and results. Most clients take full advantage of every availability.

Payment is made before the beginning of each Contract and is non-refundable. However, introductory sessions are always offered before a client undertakes any of these programs to ensure we are a good fit to work together.

If in exceptional circumstances because of illness or personal tragedy or bereavement on the therapists’ or clients’ side we are not able to continue working together either a partial refund, postponement, or rescheduling will be made available to you.

Data GDPR Compliance

None of your personal information will be shared unless expressly requested in writing by you for your own purposes.

Any information kept on file will be allocated an identification number rather than your name.

All information is stored in a highly confidential safe manner and will be completely deleted when we finish working together.

In supervision you name and identity will be kept in confidence and not passed on to my supervisor.

Absolutely no information about you is shared with any other third party.

By agreeing to work with me you expressly Consent to my holding and processing your personal data in accordance with GDPR legislation.

Furthermore it is inevitable and required for the process of therapy to hold notes which document and implement progress and program plans, achievements you wish to take, steps towards that ect., as part of every session and the overall arch of your therapy, program, or retreat.

In our agreeing to work together you expressly agree to this as part of our Contract complying with GDPR regulations. Since it would be impossible to undertake therapy without holding personal contact information and treatment notes this is necessary to comply with GDPR legislation.

As stated, these notes however are kept strictly confidential without client names being directly included and your files will be given a reference number instead of a name, and never under any circumstances, except by law where you are at risk to your own life or a risk to others, revealed to anyone, any organisation, or any third party. And again your notes will be destroyed after our working together.

I and my clients sometimes make it an open practice sometimes to be in contact after they have attended therapy and keep in touch with each other on a regular or occasional basis sometimes for years on a mutually intermittent basis. However to comply with new GDPR regulations I must stipulate you may also request your personal contact details be deleted and this will be done immediately upon your request.